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Hanging In There

return of the pink rose... =)

Image by spisharam via Flickr

I had a horrible weekend as far as my eating was concerned.  I didn’t do major diet damage, but I was definitely not the perfect OA member.  Not even close.

I went searching for a sponsor last week and found one, though it seemed a bit tentative.  She wanted to monitor my progress through an orientation loop, so I started cc’ing her on my responses.  She has been really sweet and responsive.

Sunday afternoon I tried to nap to stop myself from eating, but all I did was cry.  I finally sent her an email and she responded with some very insightful thoughts and helpful words of encouragement.  I am so grateful for her part in my attempts at recovery.

When I stop focusing on food I am able to focus on other things, which is pretty amazing.  I am trying to be more creative, and to honor my creative process.

I’m trying to stop and enjoy life – smell the roses, take time to talk with friends, really listen to my body and my heart and my mind.  This week has been much better already – I am a creative powerhouse!