I can’t believe it’s been so long since I was last here.  Life has been a crazy rollercoaster of a ride since January.  Here are the updates:

In late February I found out I was pregnant.  Total shocker.  We tried for a few years to get pregnant and were basically told that there was no good reason why we weren’t, we just weren’t.  So we gave up on having a  baby and then BAM.

I had my first two doctors appointments in March.  On March 7th I went alone and saw the baby via ultrasound, but I was only about 5.5 weeks along so there wasn’t much to see.   On March 24th my husband got to go with me to see the baby, and we were estimated at about 8 weeks along or so.  We saw and heard the heartbeat.  Our due date was estimated at October 31.

April 4 was supposed to be my first “official” OBGYN maternity appointment, but on April 1 I found out my job was changing insurance companies on May 1 and the new insurance would not be accepted by my wonderful doctor.  On April 13 I went to a new doctor, had another ultrasound (baby growing like a weed, zipping around inside me) and confirmed that I would be going to a specialist to have Downs screening done.  The specialist called and the only appointment available was April 29th, my 39th birthday.

On April 29th we went to the screening where the ultrasound tech discovered a large encephalocele on the back of the baby’s head.  We were told this was a fatal deformity.

On May 4th we went in for a second opinion, only to find that the encephalocele had progressed and the baby’s brain was herniating out into the sac outside her skull.  Prognosis: if the baby survived to birth, she would live perhaps hours outside the womb.

On May 11th we consulted with a high risk OBGYN in another county to discuss termination of the pregnancy due to the risk to my health and the poor fetal prognosis. On May 12th the procedure was performed.

June and July are a bit of a blur.  I went back to work on May 16th and threw myself into work since I had virtually no time off and had just started the job.  It’s now August and the fog is just starting to lift.

I’ll post about the job later.


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