End of the First Week

Pelican Nebula with North America

Image by Skiwalker79 via Flickr

I resigned from my old job on January 14, took the following week off, then started at my new job on Monday.  I’d been looking forward to it, but I was also dreading the end of my loafing around the house in my pajamas all day.

I expected things to be slow the first few days, and on Monday they were.  My trainer works in another office, and she wouldn’t be in until Tuesday so she asked me to watch some recorded webinars on Monday.  Yawn.

Tuesday was live training, which turned out to be a lot of fun.  Wednesday was boring as hell.  Thursday went pretty well, and then today (Friday) was awesome.

The trainer has figured out she doesn’t need to babysit me.  The staff is starting to feed me work that is my actual job, and everyone is so friggin nice.  I also got my final paycheck from the old job.  It was nice to be able to go there, get the check and then leave and go to a job I enjoy.

Life is good.


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