Another Reason To Get Moving

Sony Tape Recorder

Image via Wikipedia

A couple of clients came in this morning to discuss some details of their account.  Nothing hairy, it was quite a nice conversation actually.

They’re both older gentlemen, and one of them was messing with his cell phone before we got started.  We chatted, discussed the future of the account and then they stood up to leave.

“I hope you don’t mind,” the other gentleman said.  “I recorded our conversation so I didn’t have to take notes.”  He flashed a small tape recorder at me.

This was his “cell phone” that he had been messing with under the table.  He didn’t inform me he was taping, and he didn’t show me the recorder until it was over.

What could I say?  It’s not like he asked me ahead of time.  I reported it to my manager and she is going to check with legal.

I really need to get out of this town.


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