Old Frustrations


Image by bre pettis via Flickr

A few weeks ago a dear friend’s father came out of remission.  His cancer has become very aggressive, and he’s been in and out of the hospital ever since.

My friend has a not-great relationship with his dad, but the are geographically very close, so he has taken over care for father and mother and their household.

I asked him how he was doing the other day and he told me he had a lot on his plate.  He himself has a jaw issue that requires surgery, a marriage that is falling apart, two young boys who need their dad, plus a full time job and other health issues.  He also seems to have taken on not only his parents household, but all communications to and from anyone and everyone who might be interested in knowing anything about what’s going on with his dad.

He is a heart attack waiting to happen.

I tried to reason with him that he should delegate a couple of things to other people.  He insists he is the only one who can be trusted to do it all.

I finally gave up.  This is a wall I refuse to beat my head against any longer.

I can’t save him.  I can’t save anyone, really.  I can only take care of myself.

I do that.  I get involved in things that are none of my business.  I offer advice that is not asked for.  And I get frustrated when people don’t listen to me.

It’s a bad habit.  Back when I was trying to lose weight before I found myself offering wisdom and comfort and advice to all comers.  In the process I lost track of myself.

I’m trying to work on this.


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