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Let’s face facts: weight loss has stalled to the point that it’s now being called “weight gain”.  I don’t like it, and I plan to do something about it.  I just need a little motivation.

Add the weight gain to PMS weekend, and you’ve got the makings of a Real. Good. Time.  I always seem to want to go shopping for new clothes while I’m cycling, which is never a good thing.  Drag a bloaty body into a store, put it half-naked under some harsh lighting, in front of a mirror and let the tears and recriminations begin.

This time, I got smart.  It was Labor Day weekend, so there were some killer sales going on.  I also did a search for printable coupons and came up with one for an additional 15% off at Kohl’s (where EVERYTHING was on sale).

Then?  I decided to buy things that would only enhance my sense of well-being.  To that end I bought the softest nightgown I could find, a butter-soft and very stylish leather purse and some athletic socks (the kind that wick moisture).  I also got two pairs of shoes for work: (1) a pair of black leather loafers with a thick heel 2 inches high, and (2) a pair of black unadorned flats.  I haven’t worn flats in forever and these are so so comfortable.

Today I’m carrying my smart new purse and wearing these super comfy and pretty flats and I just feel… cute.  And that’s a step in the right direction.


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