Bad Vibes

Part Time Job

My mother-in-law started calling pretty insistently a few days ago, and when my husband called her back, she had some news: his younger brother is being evicted.

His brother is a ne’er-do-well who believes that a part time job is just as good as a full time job.  Never mind that his wife doesn’t work, and he has two children.  Being a responsible adult just isn’t a priority for him.

The in laws wanted us to come over for dinner tonight, so we did.  I knew the eviction would be the main topic of conversation, and that my MIL would most likely cover some of the same old territory during the conversation.  She loves to remind anyone and everyone that she had my BIL’s wife a job lined up at where she works, but the girl didn’t want it, so they gave it away.  This was probably 8 years ago, and she still brings it up like it is fresh news.

This led into  conversation about every member on every side of both families.  She gleefully recounted who has lost their job, who has been evicted or foreclosed upon.  I found myself making snide comments and finally my husband dragged me home.

It made me feel icky.  So much glee, so much smugness.  How easily she could be talking about me, about us.  How easily this could all fall apart, and how close we are to it some days.  It’s terrifying, and I just couldn’t take another minute of it.

I need to get some sleep.


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