Really Ticked Off

I was recently “friended” by a local business on Facebook.  This particular business is not one I have actually been to, but I’ve heard a lot about it and considered going there sometime.

They are on the beach so occasionally they post pictures from the beach and from their premises.  Sometimes it’s pretty juvenile, and I was considering deleting them because their humor is not really my cup of tea.

This morning they posted another picture, this one of a woman standing in the surf with her back to the camera.  Her derriere area is not the picture perfect model type, shall we say?

The business is asking people for their comments.  This is what we’ve got so far:

“Ewww shes deff one of thoses girls who looks better with clothes ON. I bet that ass looks great in Deff NOT a bathing suit.”

“I doubt it looks great in anything!”

“Cottage Cheese anyone?”

I am so sickened by this.  A business posting a picture of someone, I daresay without her consent, and allowing others to comment on it.

I also commented on the photo, but only to point out how classless I thought it was.  I will never set foot in that establishment.

(and as of this update my comment is now being attacked – sad)


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