Tuesday – How Did It Go?

A little check in on Tuesday.

Tuesday – 8/10/2010

  • 1/2 hour workout (gym) – Accomplished.  Half an hour on the stationary bike while reading The Last Song.  Who knew Nicholas Sparks was such a hottie?
  • 1 hour housecleaning (any type, just do it for one hour) – Not quite.  Perhaps 20 minutes, which included sorting laundry and doing the dinner dishes.
  • 1 hour working on freelance writing – I think I probably got a half hour accomplished throughout the course of the day.  I looked up some writing samples for my writing site and added those.  I also contacted a group I am a member of to find out about writing some articles for the newsletter to help pad my resume.  I did some personal writing and some blog posts at other sites, so writing stuff in general was probably more than an hour.
  • The rest of the night is free time. – A lot of free time was accomplished tonight.  I watched Bachelor Pad which I had DVRed and I will be taking that off my watch list.  What a waste of time.

Tomorrow should be better since I don’t have anything to accomplish!  I think I said I would try to go to the gym after dinner but I’m not even taking my gym bag with me, because what’s the point?

A full night’s sleep Monday night was very helpful in getting things accomplished.  I was definitely in a better frame of mind.


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