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When my dad and sister were down here a couple of weeks ago for their surprise visit, they brought my brother.  What I had not talked to my dad about in recent months was that said brother has started using again.

They drove down with him on Tuesday, then stayed the night Tuesday night at my house.  Wednesday morning early we got up and drove to Orlando.  Wednesday night we all stayed in the RV and on Thursday morning while dad, sis and I hit another theme park, my husband and brother drove back south.  My husband dropped my brother off at his house on the way back home Thursday morning.

Mid-week last week my husband dropped the remote control on the floor and when he picked it up he noticed something under the couch, so he pulled it out.

The object was my brother’s wallet.  Completely empty except for a drivers license and his girlfriend’s ID card from a conference she attended.  Husband was curious, so he pulled the couch out to clean under it and also found something else.

It was an prescription bottle – empty except for a bendy straw that had been cut down to fill the bottle.  The prescription was addressed to my father (though he and my brother have the same name, they do not have the same address).  It was for a heavy duty pain medication he takes.

It seems my brother nicked the bottle, crushed up the contents and snorted them through the straw sometime on Tuesday night.

I am annoyed, disappointed and disgusted.  I called my dad to confirm his suspicions – he wasn’t sure but he thought he had something missing.  He told me that my brother has been calling every day since the trip asking for money.

It’s been a long time since I’ve lived with an addict.  That pill bottle brought back a lot of bad memories, and I know now that it’s time to cut him out of my life.  I simply can’t have that in my world.

The last time I went to an Al-Anon meeting here in my small town, I ended up running into the one person I least would have wanted to encounter.  I was an emotional wreck (this was about my mom at the time) and she was very sweet and loving about it, but she makes me uncomfortable.

I’m thinking about trying online meetings.  Has anyone tried these before?

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