How I Know

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I’ve been doing what I do for a day job for going on 17 years now.  I started in September 1993, and since then I’ve traveled all over the country, both for work and for job opportunities.

The industry is a good industry.  I’ve received a professional designation, and I made it might goal to become an educational instructor in the field because I enjoy the mechanics of the industry.

What I don’t appreciate is the politics.  I don’t mean from a state or federal perspective, but from an office politics point of view.

I work for a large national company and the head of one of our other branch offices was in our office the other day.  Of course, we know they are coming so we are told to dress nice and clean off our desks – heaven forbid someone should think we actually WORK around here.

They stopped by my desk (a rare occurrence) and my office head and this other office head were standing there in their suits and ties with their slicked back hair, making the usual noises “nice to meet you, what do you do here?” etc.  The other guy’s hand was big and moist and he looked slightly bored.  I am someone whose name he no longer remembers and one he will never see again.

I found myself giggling as they walked away.  They both look a bit like little boys playing dress up, puffed up with their own self-importance.  These are the men that might hold my future in their hands.

And that is how I know it’s time to go.

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