Getting Off the Farm

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Last Thanksgiving, just before I left to drive 13 hours to the coast of Mississippi to visit my family, I went online, and I considered my options.  What could I plant in Farmville and Farm Town that would allow for the long drive, and not wither before I could harvest it?  There was no access to Facebook while driving, so this was an important decision.

A seed had already been planted, though.  Really? Was I really planning my trip around my crops?  Yep, I was.  But hey, at least I wasn’t one of those people who paid friends or strangers to harvest their crops for them while they were out of town, right?

When I got back from my trip I decided something:  my New Year’s Resolution was to stop farming in Facebook.  Or anywhere online.  Period.

I closed down my farms a week before Christmas and then didn’t look back.  Suddenly I had all this free time!  It was pretty amazing.

About two weeks ago, for some reason, I decided to go into Farmville.  I had a ton of coins and dollars, and my farm was still right where I had left it.  What was the harm, really?  I planted some crops.  Then I harvested those, and I planted more crops.  Then my friends started dropping by and fertilizing my crops, so I had to go do theirs.

The amount of time I spend on Farmville and Farm Town are directly proportional to the amount of time I no longer spend exercising.  Huh.

I started closing down my farms again today.  There have been a couple of articles posted about Farmville addictions recently, and reading them makes me feel really stupid.  These games are mindless clicking games, just an excuse to sit on the couch and lose myself in something else instead of doing the things I really want to be / should be doing.

So why am I  not doing what I should be doing?  Good question.  I think I’m really scared that if I try for something I really want,  I’ll fail miserably and then what?

Time to get over that.

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2 responses to “Getting Off the Farm

  1. Yes, stop farming but GET ON FRONTIERVILLE! It’s awesome!

    We have a FrontierVille problem in our family. It’s truly awful. So bad I’ve let my FarmVille farm go. The one good thing about FrontierVille? You truly can only play for a max of 15 min because you run out of things to do.

    I won’t add to your addiction but if you decide to play, BE MY NEIGHBOR!

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