I’m Back

Exercising on the Beach
Image by National Media Museum via Flickr

So where do I even begin?  The last several weeks I’ve had a lot going on, and I wish I could say “ta-da, look at what I got accomplished!” but the truth is, the last few weeks have been about struggle, struggle, struggle, and have not been a lot about results.

In the health arena, I fell off the wagon with a big thud.  I made an attempt at a restart last week but it didn’t go very well.  I decided to give myself the rest of the month off.  So tomorrow being July 1, I get started all over again.  I realize there is a holiday this weekend but my plan is to spend most of it in the swimming pool.  Swimming = exercise.

Work.  Work sucks.  Work sucks, big time.

Personal life.  This area of my world is amazing and frustrating at the same time.  A lot of what’s going on here is affected by the sucky work situation, and also my fall from the weight loss wagon.

Basically, I need to make time to write more, because writing is how this frustration is released, and thus keeps me from eating myself alive.  Writing is my salvation.

This post is my introductory post, my way of saying “more to come”.  Today is Wednesday and I took the day off from work (no way was I showing up early for work after the midnight showing of Eclipse last night/this morning) and I’ll be preparing more introspective posts for the future.

If you’re still around, thanks for sticking with me.


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