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I blogged before about spending some time on Facebook rediscovering old friends.  I found many, including some women I met in grade school.

There are a few people I’d still like to find, and amazingly one of them found me on Tuesday.  K and I knew each other in 6th and 7th grade.  We lived on the same street out in the boonies and spent a lot of time together.

She seemed very glamorous to me, and I loved hanging out at her house.  She had the luxury of only having ONE little brother (I had THREE) and her mom was the nicest person on the planet.  Sometime around the time school started K blossomed.  She was early for that.  I was what one might call a “late bloomer”.  Her physicality put her in a different social strata than me, even in our very small town school.

We stayed friends, but I was the shy, quiet bookworm, and she was the outgoing social butterfly.  She kissed boys first, got to first base with them, etc.  I was still trying to figure out what it all meant.  She had boy-girl parties at her house than my mom would reluctantly let me attend, and I would go home mortified at the idea of spin-the-bottle and other such games.

My family moved to another town between 7th and 8th grade, and this was pre-internet.  K and I talked on the phone once or twice after I moved, but then their family disappeared, too, and that was the end of that, until last Tuesday.

We wall-posted for a bit and then hooked up on Google chat and did a quick catch-up.  She’s just as lovely and sweet as I remember, and just before we signed off she said “I’m so glad to find you and know that you are okay!!! you were always one of my most treasured memories from Iron Road…always!@!!!!!”

In rediscovering these old friends, I’m rediscovering me.  I’m also learning that I was as important to them as they were to me.  That’s pretty amazing.


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