Getting My Mojo Back

Wii Fit Plus
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It’s nearly 11 pm and I’m sitting on the couch right now covered in sweat.  I just added another 24 minutes of activity (Wii Fit Plus Obstacle Course – Advanced Level) to the 30 minutes I did earlier (Wii Fit Plus Free Step – while watching Glee [not recommended as Glee doesn’t always match the beat]).  I wasn’t anticipating doing any more than the 30 minutes, and I wasn’t even sure the first 30 minutes was going to happen in the first place.

I’ve struggled with maintaining the healthy lifestyle since my birthday.  Just between you and me (because really, who else is reading this crap?) my 23 lbs has dwindled down to about 19 or so lost – I’ve gained about 4 back.  I wasn’t supposed to weigh at all this week but I got on the scale this morning.

Last week I did better with exercising than eating – every day I was at the top of my range for eating, mostly chocolate!  But I did get more than my recommended amount of exercise for the week, which is better than I usually do, which is none at all, or maybe 30 minutes for the whole week.

When I weighed myself, I had not lost a single ounce and that really, REALLY pissed me off.  That was Saturday.  Saturday night I enjoyed my night with friends, then decided to blow off Sunday, too.  Monday I did pretty well until I got home, didn’t work out, then decided to finish off a jar of peanut butter.  The scale this morning says my transgressions netted me an additional 2 lbs.

So today, I substituted most of my chocolate for veggies.  I’ve had 3 diet sodas today, which is about half my normal amount.  I’ve had a lot of water (SANS artificial sweeteners, colorings or flavorings) and I was ready to swim tonight, but my workout buddy wasn’t available (it’s her association pool) so I came home, had a nice dinner and then talked myself into working out.

I’m below the low end of my range for calories today.  I know I shouldn’t go below, but I don’t think it hurts every once in a while, especially since I bump up against the top so often.

Today, I feel like I am in control again.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

PS – no weighing myself tomorrow.  If my “perfect” day today doesn’t show a loss I will be devastated, so I’m going to give it a rest.


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