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I am so over *stuff*.  This Saturday morning is the second garage sale we will be involved in with the church in our neighborhood.  Last month we made a little money and got rid of some things.

We packed up what we didn’t sell last time and it’s been sitting in boxes in the guest room.  We’ve also been going through the stuff in the garage and sorting through that to make more stuff for the garage sale.  It’s been fun and exhausting.

I ran across a new little movement called “A Thing A Day” which is basically, well, get rid of a thing a day.  It’s to help unclutter your life, and I love the whole idea of it.  That led me to 365 Less Things, which is a fun little blog.

So, I’m in.  I’m going to start getting rid of stuff, not counting what is already set for the garage sale.  Once a day for the next 7 days, out it goes, whatever it might be.  I’m starting with a week, but it will probably go longer.  I’ll even post a few things here, if not everything!

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