All’s Well That Ends

The employer I was interviewing with finally got back to me and told me that he would rather leave the position open for a year than hire the “wrong person” and that he simply doesn’t have time to train me.  So he doesn’t have time to train someone who barely needs any training, but he does have time to do it all himself?  Go figure.

This is the first time I’ve ever been turned down for a job in my life.  I apply, I get hired, I knock it out of the park, etc.  Getting rejected is tough, especially for such a stupid reason.

This experience did teach me something:  I am ready to get out of here.  I updated my resume on Monster and have had a few hits from recruiters – one who has jobs open everywhere in the state but here, another recruiting for the job that just turned me down, and finally from a woman who wants to market me to some other agencies, so I am going to let her.

I. Am. Ready.


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