Crowing a Little

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Earlier this week when I had that lunch interview, the guy kept questioning my goals.  The things I want to do wouldn’t be considered big moneymakers, and to him that seemed like a foreign concept.

Money is good.  I like money.  I wish I made more of it.  But I’m not doing too badly, you know?

I love to teach and to train, and becoming a continuing education instructor was a goal of mine.  When I was approved, I was ecstatic.  When I taught my first class, I was a nervous wreck.

When I taught my second class, I was fine.  Today was my third class.

I thought today’s class would be more difficult because I was teaching my coworkers, including my boss’s boss.  That made me a bit nervous, but I loved the material and I felt confident I could do a good job.

Today’s class was exactly how I expected teaching to be.  It was fun and informative, and my students seemed to enjoy it.  I wanted to be everything my former CE teachers weren’t and I feel like I achieved that today.

And!  I get to do it again tomorrow!

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One response to “Crowing a Little

  1. Wow that’s great. I also think it’s great that you are not totally motivated by money, it’s how I feel about it too.
    Doing what you enjoy in life has got to be far more beneficial to your overall well being and happiness than chasing money and being miserable. We should aim to live to work not work to live.

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