Job Update

In the light of the evening sun the hunt for f...
Image by .David Blackwell. via Flickr

So the job I thought I would get that I didn’t get is suddenly available again.  It seems the person he offered the job to suddenly didn’t want to move so far from her fiance.  Seems like that is something she should have figured out before she even started looking for a job.

The prospective employer called me this morning and asked me out to lunch and we had a nice talk.  He wants someone who perfectly fits exactly everything that he needs for one aspect of the job, and that person is not me.  I know a lot, but not in the areas that are important to him, and he seems concerned about taking a risk to find out how far I can go.

He said a couple of things I wasn’t crazy about, starting with telling me that my professional designation was, in his opinion, somewhat worthless.  I worked hard for it and I’m proud to have it.

He’s a salesman, and to him making money is a big deal, which I can understand.  I don’t need to make a ton of money, I just want fair pay for a job well done, enough to pay my bills and put money in savings.  Would I like to make 6 figures or more a year?  Sure, but it’s not absolutely necessary.

He seems a bit concerned that I’m not interested in the money.

He asked me what I wanted to make per year, and I picked a number $20k per year higher than what I make now, and he nodded and said it sounded about right.  Didn’t even blink.  I haven’t had a raise in more than 2 years, and this guy just says “that’s the number I thought you would pick.”

He’s not sold on me for the position, and there is not a whole lot I can do about that.  I interview well, we had a nice lunch, and I was able to answer the basic questions he threw out of me.  Now it’s just a waiting game.  Oddly, I don’t want this as much as I did last week.  Funny how that works.


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