The Opportunity That Wasn’t. Sort of.

Horse, galloping (composite)
Image by Adrian Midgley via Flickr

I’ve had a nice lovely birthday spread out over several days, so time to get back on the dieting wagon again.  I was relieved to see I only gained about 3 lbs.  I was prepared for much more.

I had e-mailed a potential employer on Wednesday to let him know I was available for an interview and he asked me to call him on Friday morning, so I did.  He had told me a week prior that he had my resume and would review it and get back to me, but I hadn’t heard a word from him since.

It seems he got a resume from someone around the same time who is (in his opinion) a bit more qualified for the position.  I would say I agree with him, because she’s a former underwriter from one of his carriers (a carrier I don’t do business with).  She will be quite helpful to him in certain aspects.

He did try to convince me to come work for him and be a producer, which is something I have no interest in doing.  I’m more cerebral and I enjoy the technical aspects of my industry, so getting out there and working the streets is not my idea of a good time.

We discussed my goals and aspirations, as well as where his company is now and where he plans to take it in the future, and he seems to really want me to work for him, so much so that he wants to keep in touch with me.  He said that he may, in time, have the opening I am looking for, and he plans to call on me when he does.

So, it’s an opportunity that isn’t, but maybe it still is.  Who knows.  In the meantime I am just keeping an ear to the ground to see what comes up.


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