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dog training - a steep learning curve
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In every job I’ve ever worked in, I’ve always ended up in training.  I have seemingly endless patience, and I love teaching people how to do things.  It makes me happy.

When I was hired for my new job, I was told that part of the process would be training.  That was a big part of the reason I took the job, an I loved it very much.  I still train on a day today basis, but not to the extent I once did.  Then a year and a half ago I got moved to a new position (mine became redundant so it was either move to the new position or lose my job).

My new job is mostly paper pushing.  The first entire year was learning curve, and now it’s a big fat yawn.  I’m bored senseless.

Luckily, I got approval from the state to teach, but I can only teach when the opportunities come up, and they are, at this point, all volunteer teaching opportunities, meaning I get no pay for them.   I do love the challenge of teaching, and of learning new material that I can teach.  It’s fun for me.

I’m trying to figure out how to translate the things I love to do into a job I can do for myself, from my home (wherever that might be) and get paid.  What I’m doing now pays the bills, but I find myself wishing I was somewhere else ALL THE TIME.  I can’t go on like this much longer.

How does one get a job at a think tank?

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