It’s Not All “Becoming”

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I’ve been off the wagon for nearly a week now in my weight loss efforts, and I can definitely tell.  I haven’t gained much weight, and I definitely haven’t lost any. 

I was starting to get a little concerned.  I know I’ve been busy, but I’ve also been lazy – not tracking, and no real exercise.  Last night I even went home and took a nap after work, then grazed the rest of the night.


I logged in to SparkPeople this morning and I see that a couple of friends are doing really well – one lost 5 lbs this week (her first week) and the other lost 4 lbs.  I am so proud of them!

And also really jealous.  The friend who lost 4 lbs has now lost a total of 17 lbs in the past 5 weeks.  I’ve only lost 21 lbs in the past 2.5 months.

I know, I know.  It’s different for everyone.  Some people lose weight faster than others.  The thing is, I thought I was doing terrific until I compared myself to her, and now I just feel fat and lazy (and yeah, if you’re reading this M, this is not YOU, it’s ME!).

There are some other circumstances coming into play that I will write about later.  I just wanted to get this out of my head.

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