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If you’ve ever read anything regarding FlyLady, they focus on keeping a clean house.  However, they also focus on doing Loving Moment (exercise) daily, and how to get nutritious meals done quickly.  It’s really a life makeover.

SparkPeople (my favorite website) recently posted an article by FlyLady: Flylady Dishes on How Less Junk Means a Smaller Trunk.

The article talks about how clutter can contribute to weight gain or the inability to lose weight.  We can get overwhelmed by our surroundings and turn to comfort food among other things.  In most cases if one area of your life is out of control, it’s not the only area.

I wholeheartedly agree.  My weight loss efforts have been going fine, but my house is driving me crazy. 

We moved from a teensy cram-packed one bedroom apartment two years ago into a decent sized 3-bedroom house.  I took the opportunity to move everything from my overpriced storage facility into the garage.

It’s still there.

I started going through some boxes last week, armed with a really big trash bag.  So far I’ve got a pile of photos to scan, I filled up one large black garbage bag, and set aside a few items to be sold in a garage sale.

And that was just 3 boxes!

I’ve been squirreling things away for a garage sale for a while now.  Most of them are in the garage piled on top of the refrigerator.

As it happens, the local church has started holding a neighborhood garage sale every month.  You can rent a space and sell your stuff there, which eliminates the need to figure out where and how to get rid of all your stuff from your house.  It’s also a great location on a main street and you don’t have to advertise anywhere or put up your own signs.  Awesome.

They finally put the sign out again last weekend so I could get the phone number and gosh darnit, the spaces are so affordable!  Only $15.  I was kind of hoping that they would be more expensive so I would have an excuse not to work my butt off this week to get stuff together for it.

I really REALLY need to downsize.  Maybe this will help with the size of my “trunk”!

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