On Love

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About six months ago I ended a friendship with someone I had been online friends with for a couple of years.  He was going through some relationship troubles and got completely unreasonable in the end, and I decided it wasn’t worth it to try and reason with a brick wall, so I blocked him from my friends list and went about my life.

A few weeks ago I cleaned out my “blocked” list, since most of the people on it are long gone.  It felt good to do that.

The other morning when I signed in I had a message from telling me I was a pathetic loser, and calling me a bitch.  SIX MONTHS LATER.  I think he is confused about who the pathetic one is.  I hadn’t even thought about him in months.

That same morning there was  an inspirational message another friend forwarded to me that said, among other things:

Unless our desire for human compassion is stronger than our desire to be right, to be secure or to belong, love will elude us.
–Marsha Sinetar

I am reminded of this all the time – the love I give to others is always returned to me, usually in greater measure than I give it.

Love someone today.  Let go of the anger or hurt you may feel.  Is it more important to be right, or to be loved?  Only you can decide.

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