Little Miss Bitter Butt

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About 3 months after I got started at my current job, we got a new boss.  This guy was around my age, very personable and easy to work with and for.  It helped that he appreciated my work ethic and considered me a rising star within our office.  We got along well.

About a year ago he got moved to another office and they brought in my current boss, whom I like to call Napoleon.  He’s 27, and he reminds me of one of those little yappy dogs that doesn’t realize how tiny it is.  You know what I mean?

Well, he’s decided that I’m not the rising star, but the 22 year old recent college graduate is.  Granted, she’s a smart cookie and I really like her, but she’s got a lot to learn.

She’s been offered somewhat of a promotion that she’s not really prepared for, and to me it’s not a great opportunity.  I was offered the same job 3 years ago and turned it down because I didn’t see it as a promotion (I also loved my job).  I can see where she would see it as such.

For a moment there I felt pangs of jealousy.  I’m no longer the shiny new penny (haven’t been for a while – I’m nearly 38!).  I realize that the current office leader has no plans to elevate me beyond my current status, a job I don’t care for.

I only allowed the feelings for a second.  This company only elevates people who are in a certain department.  Everyone else is a drone.  I am not seen as someone who could make it in that department (nor do I want to be) so my opportunities here are limited anyway.

I want to build a life a career that is of my own choosing.  I don’t want to spend all of my time making other people rich and punching a time clock.  I’ve got bigger plans, and they don’t include this place.

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One response to “Little Miss Bitter Butt

  1. Awesome analogy: Napoleon Boss = yip yap dog 🙂

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