The Little Things

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I cannot tell you how many times I have read in a magazine that to lose weight you should try a few little simple tricks to drop the pounds. Those articles always say things like:

  • Park farther away in the parking lot from your destination.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Stop drinking sodas.

These are all really good pieces of advice, but I always figured they were focused on those people who only had 5-10 lbs to lose.  They didn’t really work for people like me, did they?

I thought I would find out.  The first day I started on this lifestyle change I took the stairs instead of the elevator when I got to work.  I’ve taken the stairs every day since.  Even when I don’t feel good.  Even when I am carrying a bunch of crap with me.  Even when the last thing on earth I want to do is take the stairs.  I take them anyway.   I take them up.  I take them back down again.

How about that parking lot thing?  With the occasional excuse of “raining” I park as far away from the front door in any parking lot as I can get.  I haven’t had to fight for a parking spot since January!  I don’t even notice the extra steps.

Soda.  Giving up sugary soda wasn’t all that difficult.  I switched to diet first, and then I went a few days without diet, and now I have one every few days and I almost never finish it.

Those small steps, combined with trying to eat healthier and working in the occasional 30 minutes here and there at the gym has results in a weight loss in excess of 12 pounds in just about 6 weeks now.

I’d say those little things add up to big things.  You just have to keep doing them long enough for them to add up.

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