WooHoo Wednesday – 3/10/2010

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Every week Sparkpeople celebrates WooHoo Wednesday, where you get to crow about the great things happening in your life, no matter what they might be.  Here’s mine for this week!

Last night I spent over 2 hours going through my TWO closets and trying on everything.   The stuff I could wear got matched into outfits.  The stuff that was too big got put in a donate bin.  The stuff that was too small got relegated to the closet in the guest room until I can fit into them (my prediction: May 2010).

The donate bin got full to overflowing so I bagged everything up and put it in the trunk of my car, intending to take it to a donate station today, but I thought of something even better: Freecycle.

I listed the two bags of clothes on Freecycle in my area last night and got 15 responses within 30 minutes, and made arrangements with one woman for her to pick the clothing up today.  I’m still getting e-mails about the clothes this morning!

My closets are clean and organized, everything in my bedroom closet fits me, and I have no clothes to “grow into” so I have no place to go but down.  It’s an amazing feeling, and a big woohoo!

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One response to “WooHoo Wednesday – 3/10/2010

  1. Great idea when I lose some more weight I will go through my clothes too.

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