The Work Monster

Image by amalthya via Flickr

I work for an insurance agency.  Aside from the sedentary work type, you wouldn’t think that this is a place where you would get fat.  You’d be wrong.

Two cubicles down from me is the “candy cube” or the cubicle where one worker keeps a basket full of fun size candy bars and other treats.  Take as many as you want and leave some money in the jar, she is only too happy to buy more.  She also has a large jar on her desk where she keeps “seasonal” candies.  Currently: jelly beans, and lots of them.

I avoid this cubicle like the plague.

We have several companies that wish to woo us – shutter installation companies, catastrophe damage remediation companies.  They shower us with baked goods: muffins, donuts, even boxes and boxes of chocolates.

Today, a local restaurant that wants our business (and that we use to cater lunches on occasion) just dropped off a big tray of sandwiches, including my most favorite chicken salad on a croissant. 

It’s like the whole world wants us to continue to be chunky!  I will NOT give in.

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